Presiden't Corner - Bohag Bihu 2011

– Dr. Monoranjan Bezboruah (Outgoing President)
This issue is dedicated to the memory of our parted friend Dr. Kamna Das. Despite our desires that she be with us for a long time, she will not be present in this Convention! I am reminded of a couplet from our Panchatantra:

What is not to be can never be;
What is to be comes effortlessly;
What lies right on the palm of your hand
Is lost if you are not destined for it.
(For our younger readers, Panchatantra, is the oldest “niti” (means what we should do, the ideal-based living!) based stories of the world. It is a collection of stories which were used by a scholar/educationist, Pandit Vishnu Sarma, to educate three block-headed Princes. The father of these three Princes, a noble and ideal king, was despondent thinking about the future of his kingdom after his death, for these Princes did not evince either any desire or any capability to learn anything!

The Council to the King suggested that the King request this great scholar Vishnu Sarma to educate his three idiotic sons. The King duly invited the sage/scholar to his Court and begged him to take his sons for the needed education.The sage/Scholar/teacher took the challenge. He assured the King that in six months he would return his sons as capable inheritors of his kingdom.It is stated that this Scholar/teacher used these “niti” (again, no English word for it, it means the principles that you should follow in life) stories and indeed transformed these three foolhardy Princes into effective leaders and returned them triumphantly to the King. As stated, these were the world’s oldest stories; passed on orally first, later they were collected in writing. They were treated as if “elixirs” of life, reputation spread far. Persian Emperor sent scholars to learn about them. They were translated into Persian, then into almost all languages, beginning with Arabic, then Latin, English, German, Italian, Spanish, you name it, and even to here into the America’s South!) It was destined that we would lose Kamna so early! Ever since she came to this country in 1983, she remained an anchor of this organization, and it was a privilege to work with her all these years.


President's Corner - Winter 2010

- Dr. Manoranjan Bezbaruah (outgoing AANA president)

One of the greatest acknowledged strengths of this country is the voluntary community associations. Anyone who has had the privilege of actively associating with or leading a community, school, or even a home-owners association knows what I mean. These organizations act as the élan vital of the country! Ideas are advanced, discussions are held, votes are taken when needed, and once the decisions are taken, they become the rules, and the rule- based machinery springs into attention to enforce them! Thus, once a rule is adopted, people tend to obey it – be it in the area of airport security, payment of an assessment, or on the roads while driving a car!
Rule-based organizations alone can exist in this age. Ours have existed for these three decades plus because it is rule-based, we follow procedures, a delineated process. AFNA -- our non-profit fund-raising wing, and ASSNA –our literary wing are leaders in their respective fields. Together, we look forward to more fruitful achievements.


President's Corner - Post Convention 2010

-  Dr. Monoranjan Bezboruah (Outgoing President)
It is always a pleasure to write about a success – and our 31st Assam Convention was a roaring success. Please read some of the contemporaneous comments from ones who attended the Convention, they are “present sense impressions” of the Convention, and thus are presented as statements of truth of the matter asserted – i.e. the success of the Convention! Thanks to Dr. Satyajit and Mrs. Ranu Dutta, Jayanta Lal Barua (Jayanta) took interest in hosting the Convention in Nashville, and it was a delight for us to forego the Cruise and other options under consideration; we opted for Nashville.AANA signed the Contract with the Marriott in September 2009, and we never looked back, except to be prudent, earlier this year, we changed the food requests from the original 250 to 200.

The Host Committee under the leadership of Drs. Atul Sarma and Ranjan Deka – secured the foundation of success with the thousand dollars plus contribution from about seven families.


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