The Annual General Body Meeting of the Asom Sahitya Sabha, North America (ASSNA)

 TheAnnualGeneralBodyMeetingoftheAsomSahityaSabhaNorthAmerica 1

Monoranjan Bezboruah, President, ASSNA

The Annual General Body Meeting (GBM) of the Asom Sahitya Sabha, North America Branch (ASSNA) was duly held as part of the 33rd Assam Convention, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  The GBM was held on June 30, 2012 afternoon, immediately following the inauguration of the Convention by the Honorable Manmeet Bhullar, Minister of Service, Alberta.  Inspired by what Mr. Bhullar stated to be needed in our deliberations and get- together, --“Connect”-- was the theme in which the GBM was held.
 It was well attended.
The 2012 Luitor Pora Mississippi (LPM) was inaugurated and distributed.  It was well received.  The President gave his annual report, Mrs. Anu Borah read out a poem specifically written for the occasion.  The floor was opened, and members spoke and offered different suggestions and made observations, which were duly noted.  
Two issues discussed and agreed upon regarding the 2013 LPM need to be brought to our members attention:  One, the Children’s section will be expanded and enhanced; Two, there will be a rolling acceptance of contributions – article, poems, point of views—with the deadline being the Monday,  May 20, 2013. Both of these measures will, hopefully, make our LPM better and be free from the unavoidable risks attendant with time-constraints.
The office bearers thanked the attendees, and the GBM was duly adjourned until the next year. 

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2012 ASSNA General Body Meeting

 Dr. Monoranjan Bezbaruah, President of ASSNA (Asom Sahitya Sabha, North America), conducted its general body meeting. The much-awaited yearly magazine "Luitor Pora Mississippi" was inaugurated with the help of Host Committee President Mr. Arup Goswami. We thank Dr. Bezbaruah and Mrs. Jharna Bezbruah (Vice President, ASSNA) for their hard work to make it a wonderful 'reading treat' for all of us. Dr. Bezbaruah requested the members to contribute their writings for next year's magazine.

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Mrs. Anu Borah delighted the members by reciting a beautiful self-composed poem named 'Komol Paat' (please read it in this issue).

Poem "Koomal Paat" Recited at ASSNA GBM

- Anu Borah, Virginia
Koomal Paat 

 Poem Recited at ASSNA GBM 1

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