2011 AANA General Body Meeting

The 2011 General Body (GB) meeting of AANA was called to order by President Monoranjan Bezboruah at 11:00 AM on July 3rd, 2011 at the Oak Brook Hills Marriot, Oak Brook, IL during the 2011 Assam Convention.

2010 GB meeting minutes and 2011 agenda were distributed.

Meeting 1 2011

- First order of business was introduction of members. All members present introduced themselves with their history of membership and association with AANA.
- Minutes of 2010 GB meeting in Nashville, TN were read by Secretary Deva Borah and were accepted by the GB.
- Treasurer’s report was presented by Anis Ahmed and was accepted by the GB. Mr. Ahmed indicated that he did not receive the 2010 Assam Convention surplus of $2,279.88. Atul Sarma later clarified that the surplus was sent to AFNA. Several members insisted that all surplus funds from conventions must come to AANA.
- General Secretary Report was read by Deva Borah and was accepted by the GB.
- Election of one member to the Board of Governors: Dr. Bezboruah nominated Manomohan Hazarika. Mr. Ahmed seconded the nomination and was unanimously approved by the GB.
- Election of 2011-2013 Executive Board: On behalf of the Nomination Committee (Debabrata Sarma, Satyajit Dutta, and Ganesh Deka), Dr. Debabrata Sarma presented the Nomination Committee Report. The only nomination received was: President Gautam Baruah, Vice President Roopa Sharma, Secretary Ranu Dutta, and Treasurer Deva Borah. The GB unanimously accepted the nomination.

Meeting 2 2011


2011 ASSNA General Body Meeting

President Elected: Dr. Monoranjan Bezboruah
Secretary Elected: Mrs. Jharna Bezboruah
Outgoing President: Gayatree Siddhanta Sarma
Outgoing Secretary: Dr. Chandrasekhar Sarma

The Annual General Body Meeting (GBM) of the Assam Sahitya Sabha, North America (ASSNA) was duly held on July 2, 2011 afternoon. The meeting was presided over by the President, Mrs. Gayatree S. Sarma, aided by the Vice President, Dr. Chandrasekhar Sarma.The well- attended meeting saw the release of the Luitor Pora Mississippi (LPM) magazine, the primary mouthpiece of the Assam Association of North America (AANA), as is the usual practice during the annual Assam Convention. This Convention was the 32nd Assam Convention, and it was held in the Marriott Resort Gateway, Crestwood (a suburb of the city of Chicago), Illinois.


2011 AFNA General Body Meeting

President: Dr. Satyajit Nath
General Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: Mr. Pallav Saikia
Board of Directors: Anu Borah, Binoy Bordoloi, Enakshi Baruah, and Krishanu Kaushik
Legal Agent: Dr. Atul Sarma


The 2011 Annual General Body Meeting of Assam Foundation of North America (AFNA) was held as a part of Assam Convention 2011 on 07/03/2011, Saturday, 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM at Oak Brook Hills Marriott Resort, 3500 Midwest Road, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA. It was attended by about 30 attendees, the list of which will be published along with the detailed minutes in AFNA’s website.


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