Washington DC hosts Srijut Tarun Gogoi

Dr. Gautam Lal Baruah

Washington DC hosts Srijut Tarun Gogoi 1 
Srijut Tarun Gogoi and Leigh Chowdhary

Siddharta (Sid) Chowdhary and Partha Gogoi, AANA’s latest members, hosted Srijut Tarun Gogoi at a conference held at Sid’s home in the DC area on June 23, 2012. Sid is a dynamic entrepreneur in Washington, DC. He has been the president of the prestigious PanIIT Alumni association for the last few years. He bristles with new ideas all the time and has initiated several humanitarian causes in Assam and other parts of India through his organization and also personally. Partha Gogoi needs no introduction. We all know about his great efforts in furthering the social welfare of Assam through the numerous projects through AFNA. Sid has been championing the WHEELS program through PanIIT. This aims to leverage resources in USA to contribute to fruitful solutions to problems facing both India and the USA in the areas of Health, Education and environment. This program resonated with our progressive CM. Srijut Tarun Gogoi also got a welcoming response from several leaders of industry, in attendance, with his support for foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Indian retail sector. We are relying on Sid and Partha to inspire all of us with their enthusiasm and expertise to undertake important projects for the betterment of Assam. See the link for the whole story: http://www.indiaamericatoday.com/article/assam-cm-gogoi-looks-forward-cooperation-paniit-led-wheels

Washington DC hosts Srijut Tarun Gogoi 2
Sid Choudhary

   Washington DC hosts Srijut Tarun Gogoi 3
Partha Gogoi


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