Kristol Das' Baltimore to Portland Bike Ride

2 Wheels, 60 days, 4000 miles
Heartfelt thanks to the Assamese community for support and contributions towards Kristol’s pledge in memory of Dr. Kamna Das. For more information, visit Kristol Das, daughter of Kumud and Kabita Das, Doylestown, PA rode a bike from sun-up to sun-down from Baltimore, MD to Portland, Oregon in an attempt to inspire hope in people affected by cancer with a program
called the 4K for Cancer.

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Portland team takeoff from Baltimore Inner Harbor

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Donation to Johns Hopkins for a Patient Navigator

4K gives financial support to local, cancer centric non-profits. Kristol along with fellow riders stopped at community centers and hospices along the way to hear cancer victims’ stories and offer encouragement in their battle with the disease.



SWABALAMBI’s recent devastation by cyclone on 24th April 2010

During the pre monsoons in north east generally during the month of March the region is hit by strong gust of winds which generally comes from the north towards the east /south east which we Assamese call the ' Pasuwa Botah’. These winds temporarily die down but revive itself during the first or second week of April which increased wind strength along with rain squalls. Sometimes these winds take a demonic form with gust of winds ranging from 50 to 80 Km per hour, which in Assamese is called ‘BORDOISILLA’. According to proverb it is said that Bordoisilla comes to visit her mother for the Rongali Bihu. About 10 days later she goes back towards the Himalayas in the north.

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It is said that BORDOISILLA brings with her greenery and the start of the monsoon which of course is followed by the planting season in Assam. This year Bordoisila was unusually violent and destructive, rendering thousands / lacs of people homeless.


A Child's Dream

- Alpana and Ram Sarangapani, Houston, Texas

During one of our trips to Assam, our young son, felt very distraught when he noticedrickshaw-wallas and poor children without any footwear. He was saddened & surprisedthat there were people who could not afford some of the very basic necessities.

CommunityCampaign ChildsDream

From thenon, he found it very difficult to ride rickshaws, and expressed his wish that if he had all thewealth in the world, he would make sure that the less fortunate amongst us, would, at thevery least, have the basic necessities of life.


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