Assam Foundation of North America (AFNA) Updates

 AFNA continues to make good progress on its development activities, primarily in Assam and also in response to some recent events. Here is a summary of status of our key initiatives in 2011 and so far in 2012:

  • Support A Child:
  • Support A Rickshaw Puller:
  • Support A Disabled Worker:
  • Spreading Sunshine:
  • sStep:
  • Japan Tsunami Relief:
  • AshaDeep:
  • 2012 Calendar Campaign: Raised over $6000 in donations in Dec 2011/Jan 2012 by distributing 250 copies of a unique calendar across the US. The calendar was created by AFNA volunteers Satyajit and Latha Nath and contains  pictures of Assam listing both US and Govt of Assam holidays. The amount raised is being sent to three of the projects above that are in most need of funds.
  • Guwahati Walk and Run: AFNA volunteer Ankur Bora took the initiative to organize the Guwahati Walk and Run on Jan 1, 2012 to increase attention on development projects in Assam. Several non-profit organizations, including those supported by AFNA, participated in the event and it was well appreciated by local citizens and by the press.

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Dr. Kamna Das

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Dr. Kamna Das
Jan 4, 1951 – Dec 15, 201
- By Mitra Kalita
Dr. Kamna Das was a loving wife and mother, brilliant scientist, supportive friend and mentor to countless people. Born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, to Baij Nath Verma and Ratan Rani Verma, her father ran the Delhi Cloth House in Fancy Bazaar, which has outfitted schoolchildren with uniforms for decades. The family hailed from Punjab but adopted Assam as home, evident in Dr. Das’ impeccable spoken Assamese, choice of beautiful mekhla-chadors for every occasion and steadfast support of cultural functions on U.S. shores.


Awards - Dr. Brojen Bordoloi

2011 Dr Kamna Das Community Service and Mentoring Excellence Award

Events CommunityCampaign 02 Awards DrBrojen Bordoloi
AANA established this annual award beginning its 2011 32nd Convention to honor the legacy of Dr. Kamna Das in community service and mentoring. Dr. Brojen Bordoloi from Bridgewater, NJ was the recipient of this award in recognition of his lifelong passion and accomplishments in helping others (e.g., welcoming new comers to the U.S. and helping them to get settled) and promoting and teaching Assamese culture, including Bhaona and Naam, and literature in North America as well as in Assam, as widely recognized by the Assamese Community in North America and well-known scholars, such as Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and Dr. Biren Dutta. Dr. Bordoloi was recognized and honored at the 2011 Assam Convention, Chicago.


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