Dr. Kamna Das Memorial Community Service and Mentoring Excellence Award 2013

AANA 2013 Dr. Kamna Das Community Service and Mentoring Excellence Award in memory of Dr. Kamna Das who was a pillar for the Assamese Community in North America and who helped launch countless American dreams was awarded to DR. ARADHANA B. SATIN & MR. ROBERT C. SATIN in recognition of their lifelong dedication and service to the Assamese Community in North America and abroad and in particular for tying the community together through the Assam Directory they have been publishing for many years.

During the July 6th cultural program at the 34th Assam Convention, Detroit, MI, AANA General Secretary Ranu Dutta presented a background of this AANA’s prestigious award followed by AANA Vice President Roopa Sharma introducing the award recipients and late Dr. Das’s son Aabir Das handing over a plaque to the recipients with a few words about significance of the award. In their acceptance speech Dr. & Mr. Satin encouraged everyone to follow late Dr. Das’s example and provide much needed community and mentoring services to today’s societies.

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Aabir Das, son of late Dr. Das presenting the award, Dr. Aradhana & Mr. Robert Satin receiving the award, Ranu Dutta and Roopa Sharma, AANA Gen Secy. and VP introducing the award and the recipients

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