Inauguration of Samajratna Dr. Nobin Chandra Bordoloi Smriti Sadan


Binoy K. Bordoloi, Bridgewater, NJ

I was at Jorhat during Magh Bihu recently along with my brother and sister. There was a particularly significant event organized by Asom Sahitya Sabha (ASS) at Jorhat on January 12, 2013 - inauguration of the "Samajratna Dr. Nobin Chandra Bordoloi Smriti Sadan", in memory of our late father. This was a built up area of about 3100 square feet at the first floor of the Radhakanta Handique Bhawan. This has been dedicated as the permanent office of Jorhat Zila Sahitya Sabha along with a Conference Hall with a sitting capacity of eighty. Its location is the central office of ASS, the premises of the Chandrakanta Handique Bhawan.

A trust has been created in its name for organizing the annual event of "memorial lecture / award on performing arts". The trust was signed by the President, Padmassree Rong Bong Terang and General Secretary, Dr. Paramananda Rajbanshi, of ASS. My brother, Dr. Bijoy Bordoloi, and I signed on behalf of the Bordoloi Family as donors along with many friends and relatives as witnesses.

A booklet, titled "Smriti Pradeep" has been published and released that day, which has more details. I will send one copy each to Dr. Deva Borah and Dr. Monoranjan Bezboruah. I will be glad to distribute a few copies at the Assam Convention Detroit in July 2013.

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