Magh Bihu Celebration 2013 - North West United States

By Debabrata Sarma, Kirkland, WA

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January 19, 2013, was the day the North West region folks from the Seattle and Portland area had their traditional Magh Bihu fun! Yes, it was real fun for everybody with delicious homemade food, the Koloh Bhonga, (in reality it was the hitting of the bucket) and the musical chair for the kids. The greatest attraction for others was the Trivia competition conducted by Maina (Devaswa). It was a real hard fought competition amongst the six groups with accusations and counter accusations on answers and breaking of the rules. Nevertheless, everybody enjoyed the questions based on a wide range of topics not confined only to the facts related to the beloved land of our birth! Thanks to Maina, Susanta Sengupta and Minakshi Barua for organizing the event and the good collection of questions.

As before and as always, the homemade food was delicious with pitha and narikolor laru and abundance of fish, chicken, mutton and vegetable curries!
Thanks to the outgoing Jetuka committee members for their organizational skills and for the two years’ of devotion arranging the community events!
In the last newsletter, forgot to mention that Priyanka, daughter of Rajiv and Joya Choudhury graduated from high school last summer and currently pursuing her college education at the University of Santa Clara. Congratulations Priyanka!
Mridul Gogoi and Sanghamitra are blessed with their second daughter, Dhruvika (Kuhee), who coincidently will be celebrating her birthday every September with her elder sister on the same day! Congratulations to Mridul and Sanghamitra! Mridul’s parents are currently in Seattle having lots of fun with their granddaughters.
Juri Sarma’s mother passed away on October 19, 2012. A Naam Prasang prayer was arranged in memory on the day of Sraddha on October 28.
There was a reception luncheon welcoming the newlyweds, Tupul (Satyam Sarma) and Julie Santosuosso on November 24, 2012.

Magh Bihu Celebration 2013 - Raleigh, North Carolina

By Chiranjit Deka, Raleigh, NC



The Assamese community of greater Raleigh area of North Carolina celebrated Bhogali Bihu on the night of Jan 13, 2013. The celebration was graciously hosted by Deepanjali and Prashant Khanke at their residence in Morrisville, with active participation of members of the Raleigh Bihu community. True to the tradition of Uruka night, friends and families gathered to cook delicious dishes on numerous camping stoves while others reminisced about the good old days of cookouts in the meji ghar back home around the warmth of flaming fire wood. As the sweet aroma of authentic Assamese cuisine wafted thru the cool and foggy January air heavy with smokes from the burning wood, one could not help but be thankful for our beautiful culture and the camaraderie it engenders no matter where we live on this globe!

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Magh Bihu in Toronto

By Gitimoni Baruah, Brampton, ON, Canada

Magh Bihu_in_Toronto_1Magh Bihu_in_Toronto_2

Similar to previous years, the Assamese community of greater Toronto area got together on the evening of Saturday, 19th January, 2013 at a community center to celebrate the Magh Bihu. The occasion started with traditional appetizers: ghila-pitha, chira doi, cake and other homemade Assamese delicacies. That was followed by children’s games and activities and ended with a sumptuous potluck dinner comprising of chicken curry, goat curry, fish curry, mutter paneer, various sabjis, dal, payas and cheese cake.

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