Rongali Bihu 2013 celebration in New Jersey

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-By Shravani Sarma, Binapani Sarmah Photo By: Kaushik Das

The North-East-Indian/Assamese community of greater NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE areas celebrated Rongali Bihu 2013 festival with great fanfare on April 13 2013 at Linwood Middle School, North Brunswick NJ. It was celebrated under the aegis of the North East Indian American Cultural Organization.

The day proceeded with kids games. Kids participated in spoon and marble race, one-legged race and musical chairs. It was obvious to all attendees that the kids fervently enjoyed the games. Meanwhile, a great spread of Indian and Assamese snacks was laid out for all to enjoy.
The Cultural evening was started with the flag hoisting ceremony, which was done by the young kids in traditional “Bihuwan”. This was accompanied by the song "Sreemoi Axomi" rendered by the many talented singers from the community.
Kids Cultural program was initiated by the youngest members of the community singing "Koka Deuta Koka Deuta". Kids performed various individual and group items that included poetry recitation, songs, piano recitals, and dances. The proud look on the parents' faces was a joy to watch! The parents and the kids alike worked hard to maintain some of the cultural traditions of music and dance from back home.
The Adults program kicked off to a great start by a chorus in Assamese. This was followed by great performances of songs, dances and Bihu Hussori by some very fine artists. Notable were the Bodo traditional dance, Bihu dances, Assamese and Hindi modern dances, and great vocal performances. It was passionately enjoyed by all attendees and truly a memorable cultural evening.
There was also an amazing exhibition of flower arrangements with Bihu theme and Laru-pitha display and competition, in which significant number of people zealously participated.
The Cultural evening was brought to a great end by Mukoli Bihu in which all the ‘Bihu Bolia’ adults and children ardently joined in, followed by the Jatiyo Sangeet "O Mur Aapunar Dex".
All the guests then made a beeline for the sumptuous dinner of Indian and Assamese cuisine that was served.
It was an extraordinary evening that brought a nostalgic feeling of traditions of Assam and Rongali Bihu to all present. It gave us all an opportunity to connect with friends, make new friends and renew our connections to our roots.
The Assamese community of the Northeast United States wishes you and your families a wonderful 'Rongali Bihu' and a very happy Assamese New Year.

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