Rongali Bihu Celebration 2013 ~ Atlanta, Georgia

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-By Parulma Deka, Duluth, GA

Assamese community of Atlanta celebrated this year's Rangali Bihu at a community club house on 13th April Saturday. It was sunny day weather like in Assam with so many different kinds of flowers blooming all around the city. More than 80 people from Atlanta and nearby states like North Carolina and Tennessee gathered to celebrate our New Year and Rongali bihu.
The day began with children's games and Easter egg hunt followed by games for the adults.
There was a pitha/pana competition and as a result we had some delicious authentic Assamese snacks like... Tilar and narikalar pitha, ghila pitha, larus, sandesh, nimkis, ghugnis etc. After a good cup of Assamese tea, everybody enjoyed children's cultural show. We have so many talented children who entertained us with their beautiful songs and dances and with musical instruments.
This was followed by an Assamese musical quiz competition, which was enjoyed by all the adults singing along with the tunes.

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There was a fashion show for children and adults and there were so many interesting couples who joined in the fashion parade.
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Dinner was catered from an Indian restaurant and after a delicious dinner, we were all entertained by the adults. Few of the assamese skits kept us laughing and melodies music by Jayanta Pathak and Eamon Dutta took us all back to our college days.
This year's Bihu ended with a group husori.
We wish all of you from Assam a very happy New Year.

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