Rongali Bihu Celebrated in Calgary

 RongaliBihuCelebratedInCalgary2013 1RongaliBihuCelebratedInCalgary2013 2

- By Geetasree

The Assamese Community of Calgary celebrated Rongali Bihu on 13th of April, 2013 in the Scandinavian Centre, Calgary, Canada. The images are respectively children’s Bihu dance, children’s “Bilote Xalise….” dance, Bihu group-2, Calgary Assamese ladies performing at Jubilee Auditorium, Omkar-Atharva’s Bollywood dance, and young adults of Calgary.

RongaliBihuCelebratedInCalgary2013 3RongaliBihuCelebratedInCalgary2013 4

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