Spring News from Michigan

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- By Partha Sarathi Borah

Preparation for Assam Convention 2013
The date is fast approaching for the 34th Assam Convention. The host committee is all excited and working hard to make this a memorable event for all of you. Please mark your calendars for 4th, 5th, 6th July and join in the celebration. For detailed information, please visit the website at www.ac-2013.com . Details about the convention including the schedule, web links and deadlines are elsewhere in this newsletter. We are really looking forward to seeing all of you at the convention!

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Rongali Bihu Celebration
This year, Rongali Bihu was celebrated at the residence of Debojit and Ruma Barua on the 6th of April, 2013. Due to the ongoing preparations for the 34th Assam Convention, Rongali Bihu was celebrated on a smaller scale in a very ghoruwa way. However, that did not stop anyone from enjoying the festivities to the fullest. Spirits were as high as ever. Besides the traditional laru-pitha, there was a lavish pot-luck home-made spread enjoyed by all. And what is Rongali Bihu without dancing and music! There were a variety of performances from singing and dancing to comedy. It was delightful to see the little ones get into the Bihu spirit also.

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During the evening’s festivities, we also celebrated the recent wedding of Chandan Mazumder and Pramita Mitra. The evening came to an end in the wee hours and everyone went home anticipating the next big event in our city, the 34th Assam Convention!

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