Bhogali Bihu Celebration and Other News from Houston, TX

- By Nandita Sarma


The Houston Assamese community  celebrated Bhogali Bihu at Kailash and Luku Deka's lovely new home on January 14th.A mini meji was built on the outdoor firepit,surrounded by garlanded "kolpuli".The bihu was started by making offering of  sesame seeds and a variety of pithas and laroos to Agnidevata before the meji was lit.The meji provided warmth and a lovely glow for the folks braving the chill of the evening outdoors.A scrumptious pot luck feast was enjoyed by all.All the traditional dishes  and pithas and laroos that require hours of preparation added to the enjoyment.

Our local "super-athelete" Lohit Datta-Barua completed his sixth marathon  in January.We are very proud of him.

Usha and Hiren Sarma celebrated the Annaprashan ceremony of their grandson Avik on 21st of January. 

2012 Bhogali Bihu in Southern California

By Dilara R. Boruah


Assamese community of greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas celebrated the Bhogali Bihu on 14th of January at a San Dimas church facility with 135 people including children attending. Home cooked authentic Assamese foods were catered at the function that included til pitha, naricol pithas, laroo, ghila pitha, chira-doi, masor tenga, mangsa, khar, phul kabir bhasi, mati mahor dali, butor dali etc. to name a few. After the big feast attendees took part in various stage and floor performances with every one young and old participating. It turned to be a very exciting evening for all those participants, who have expressed a desire to repeat the festivities  yet a bigger one for the Rongali come April." 

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