Uronia Mind - by Roopa Sharma, Chicago


Windy City Chicagor boliyaa botaah jake

Kane Kane koi gol
" 'Tis the season of Bordoisila in Assam".

In my back yard
The wind is  blowing away the white flowers from a tree.
Komuwa toolar dorey
They are dancing and flying
Sutal-khon boga-phoolor-dolisaa koree.

And, Oh yes,
'Tis the season of
Our Bohagor Bihu in Assam.

Nedekha Kopou phoolor xubaxe
Mon mur urunga urunga korey,
Xagoror xipaaror sinaki matir gundhe
Mon-pokhee uruwai niye...

My mind flies away with the wind
To the Land of Red river and Blue hills.
Following the rhythmic beating of Dhol,
Heart-wrenching sound of Pepa,
Kulir kuhu-kuhu maat
And the delicate fragrance of Kopou phool
I fly eastward
Xuruj uthaa dexoloi...

Flying high over mighty Brahmaputra
Riniki riniki jen xunu
Jibon joguwa Bihu-geet eti...

... I don't remember for how long I was flying...

I'm home, here in Chicago
Kintu, mon-tu kot?
Where's the mind?
Aah, there she is...
Happily counting the hanging clusters of Kopou phool
In the front yard of her Jorhat home...

Let her be there - for a while!
'Cause, like a bird comes back to the neer,
Uronia mon will find her way back home
To me - here.

NOTE: I can never ever show disrespect to my own mother-tongue - Assamese, or any other language such as English. After living here in this country for so long, quite often some of us automatically use both Assamese and English - sometimes in the same sentence - naturally and without realizing. That is code-switching. The above piece is just an expression of my thoughts at that time...
Roopa Sharma

Rongali Bihu Celebration in Calgary

- by Arup Goswami

Assam Association of Alberta celebrated Rongali Bihu on 14th of April, 2012 in the Scandinavian Centre, Calgary,  Canada. Day started with traditional Lunch with Doi-Chira, Til Pitha, Ghila pitha, Narikol’r Laroo, Payas,
“Luchi- Bhaji”, followed by kid’s and Adult’s Game, Bingo, Cultural program and finally traditional “Bhoge – Bhat” with
Murgir Mangsha, Hahor Mangsha, Machor Tenga.
CalgaryBihu2012 2


2012 Rongali Bihu Celebration in Phoenix, Arizona

Otikoi Senehor Bohagor Bihuti Napati Kenekoi Thaku
- By Rashmi and Samar Bhuyan, Phoenix, Arizona

 Rongali Bihu celebration has always been the most awaited event for the Assamese community of Arizona. A small Assamese community comprising 10 families lives in and around Phoenix. This year, the “Rongali Bihu Adarani” was organized on the early evening of April 14, at a community center named “Snedigar Recreation Center and Sportsplex”. Families from other states of India and Bangladesh, who have been interested to be familiar with Assamese culture also attended as guest families at this event.
2012RongaliBihuCelebrationInPhoenixArizona 1 

A temporary display booth was constructed inside the hall in order to remind the community and especially their children about its history and rich culture. The display included muga silk dresses, brass articles and jewelries of Assam, write up of its history, tourist places, and natural resources among other things. Prior to the start of the cultural program, children were involved in drawing arts and making crafts of Assamese jewelry and decorations. Chandan Das and his daughter Sthuthi then took the stage as MCs for the cultural program. It started with singing jatiya sangeet, O Mur Apunar Desh, and national anthem of India and US. Children including Aditya, Ananya, Antara, Brinda, Broto, Diya, Jyotishmaan, Neil, Rishaan, Sanmaan, and Sthuthi showed their talents by singing, reading assasmese poems, playing piano/keyboards, and showing gymnastic art etc.


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