Magh Bihu To Bohag Bihu in DC Metro Area

- Dr. Barnali Deka
The last few months have been full of festivity and action packed in our tristate DC/VA/MD asomiya community, socio-culturally. As Mother Nature followed her routine of making our region full of color and greenery once again and seasons changed from bitter cold wintry days to days of cherry blossom, tulip blooms and leaves sprouted on trees, the zest and fervor picked up once again, to prepare this time for Rongali Bihu.
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While a number of us were still not done cherishing the mouth watering, finger-lickingly delicious authentic asomiya dishes that every asomiya household around here prepares to serve on Bhogali Bihu, a.k.a Magh Bihu, the time was now ripe to shift focus and make every effort to make Rongali Bihu truly colorful. “Otikoi senehor Mugare Mohura, Tatukoi senehor Maku Tatukoi senehor boghagor bihuti, Napati kenekoi thaku”.


Rongali Bihu Greator Boston Region

- Parthajit Baruah
Rongali Bihu was celebrated on April 30,2011 with great gusto and enthusiasm by the Assamese community of the Greater Boston region. After weeks of intense preparation of the cultural events, the excitement was palpable when the day finally arrived. About 70 people gathered in the evening attired in their traditional best - ladies in colorful Mekhala-Chadars and gentlemen in crisp Kurta-Pyjamas.

The evening started with the assembled gathering treated to some lip smacking Assamese snacks. The people ate the Chira-Doi-Kumol-Saul-Gur among other delicacies to their hearts content.

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News from SouthEast

 - Dr. Ganesh Deka
The Assamese community of Southeast would like to wish a happy, healthy and prosperous new year to the entire community. Here are few activities that took place in this region:
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In spite of Atlanta facing severe weather conditions with icy roads for a week, the sun finally showed up and Magh bihu was celebrated on January 15 at Mrinali and Balaji Dommeti’s
residence. We were able to enjoy sira, doi, laru, and pitha in front of a grand meji. Ladies and gents cooked delicious uruka bhooj, goat meat, grilled chicken, potato and eggplant.
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