Rongali Bihu Celebration in Dallas, Texas

- Rajen Barua, Houston, Texas

Congratulations to the Texamese (Texas Assamese Community) from the three triangular cities:Houston, Austin and Dallas, who had a grand Bihu celebration on 17th April in Dallas, Texas. About 150 people gathered on the occasion in a day long picnic, fun and sports with lots of Bihu snacks and a Texas style BBQ lunch which was followed by an entertainment of cultural evening. The highlights of the evening included, a grand colorful Husori form Houston Assamese community (directed by Manju Saikia and costumes by Rupesh Saikia), a colorful Bodo dance 'Bagurumba' by the ladies from Houston Assamese community (directed by Jeena Mahanta), Xotriya dance by Dil Deka, Jeena Mahanta and Ruma Das (to the Borgeet:Xuno Xuno Re Xuro).

Bihu 2010_05_News From SouthWest Texas_1

Highlights from Dallas community included a colorful welcome dance sequence by Nerina Rabha, Jonali Baruah Panging, Swagata DSouza, Rashmi Kotoky, the Dallas group Bihu dance, a Classical dance by Nahida Borbora and Sabita Saha with Dr. Bhupen Hazarika directed song, Meri Payal Bole.
Bihu 2010_05_News From SouthWest Texas_3 Besides these there were many other colorful events of songs and dances from Houston, Dallas and Austin communities. There were also many colorful childrens' items. Notable were the Children's Husori directed by Alpana Barooah, Childrens Group Dance and other dance. song and instrumental items.

Bihu 2010_05_News From SouthWest Texas_2The comic skit, “A Crash Course in Assamese” written and directed by Paknaj Panging of Dallas with the theme of 'teaching Assamese' was the favorite of all. The event also included a literary session where the astronomical significance of the four Assamese Bihus (Kati, Magh, Bohag and Xaun) was explained.

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