My 1st Kathak Dance Recital - Published in the 2012 Luitor Pora Mississippi (LPM) Magazine

– by Nimisha Bora, Minneapolis

I love to dance Kathak. I am learning from the Katha Dance Theatre (KDT) School, MN.
My teachers are Rita Mustafi aunty and Mukta Sathe aunty.

On June 3rd 2012, I had a big show in the O’Shaughnessy Auditorium. My school was turning 25 years old. There are 97 students and I am one of them. All the dancers performed 22 different dances.

I performed two dances. One is called Sargam - Sagaga Samama, the other one is called Makhan Chori. Makhan Chori is about a little boy God who loves to eat butter, and all of the 8 girls, including me were Krishna’s friends. The show had 5 different stages of the Blue God. In another dance, I liked when the big Krishna killed a snake called Kaliya. But it was not a real snake. It was only a boy (Derek) pretending to be a snake.

I liked it when my mommy put lots and lots of make-up on me. More than 700 people came to watch all the dancers. Ten people that I know came to watch me dance. They are mommy, daddy, my little brother -Taj, my grandpa, my grandma, Mili, Jen, Sheila, Sabina aunty and Reisha. My friend, Reisha asked if little Krishna was stealing peanut butter. I got beautiful red roses and story books from my family and friends. The best part of the show was when all 97 dancers put their hands up in the air, and danced Hare Krishna, Hare Rama at the end. Then all the audience stood up and clapped for the dancers and waved at us. My family and friends said they are very proud of me and my school.


Nimisha1stKathakDanceRecital June2012 
My dance group performing Krishna Katha- Makhan Chori - I am the 1st one on the left

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