Musical Theatre

 Musical Theatre 1  

Jesus Christ Superstar, a rock musical was recently presented at Avondale High School by the past, present and future students. Sameer Barua, a 2001 alumnus from the school, played the lead role and was also the music director of the show. 
Musical Theatre 2
Also taking part in the Youth Ensemble were Isha Kaushik, daughter of Priyanka and Krishanu Kaushik and Iva Rahman, daughter of Nazveen and Istakur Rahman, both talented young girls. The show was a huge success and most of the local AAMI community came out to enjoy the Broadway type show.

Sisters perform at the Kalakhetra, Guwahati

Neeshan and Sabreen, daughters of Geeta and Parvez Hussain had their dance delight performance at the Kalakhetra, Guwahati during their recent visit to Assam in August.
 Sisters perform in Kalakhetra Guwahati 1  
(Left to Right: Neeshan, Pradeep, and Parvez
with his relative, Haaris

 They also participated in an 8-day dance workshop conducted by Pradeep Gurung, a young rising dancer/choreographer from the Dance India Dance series.
Videos available at:;

Sisters perform in Kalakhetra Guwahati 2
Neeshan &  Sabreen (with cousin, Paigambar),
after receiving  their completion certificate from 
Pradeep Gurung

Bihu Dance at India Day

 Bihu Dance at India Day 1  

Assam was well represented by our Nasonis Vani Rao, Ashapurna Sharma, Anjori Dutta and Rumi Chakravarty at the India Day celebrations on August 19th at Novi, MI. It was organized by India League of America in collaboration with all the Michigan Asian-Indian community organizations to celebrate India’s 66th Independence Day.
Bihu Dance at India Day 2

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