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Dear Friends,

We were completely overwhelmed by your nice comments and the numerous phone calls. Thanks to all the attendees for your gracious presence at the convention.

Thanks to our guest artists, Zubeen Garg and Bornali Kalita for their excellent performance for all three days of the convention. Their performances, along with the local North American artists and highly talented children made the cultural program one of the best ever presented in a convention.

The opening ceremony started with a procession led by the San Francisco Bay Area team and completing with a Husori. Someswar Barkataki and Krishanu Kaushik rendered a convention oriented Husori ending with a blessing. Thanks to you all.

Thanks to Mr.  Mahendra Baruah who lighted the ceremonial lamp, Dr. Girin Das who unfurled the American flag, Dr. Aravind Phukan who unfurled the Canadian flag, and Mr. Rupesh Saikia who unfurled the Indian flag.

Thanks to Emielyn Das, Neor Bhuyan Tikku, and the Bay Area team for singing the National Anthems of USA, Canada and India respectively. Thanks to Aditya Nath for singing a beautiful Borgeet in the opening ceremony.

The successful completion of the convention would not have been possible without the help of some very dedicated families and individuals.  

Satyajit and Latha Nath worked tirelessly and was responsible for the excellent time and stage management, a talking point from everybody. Amit Rajkhowa and Amarjyoti Deka helped in the stage management in a most efficient manner.

Prantor Bora and Geeti Das managed the whole registration process and the Convention web site. Both of them worked day and night to keep everybody updated with the progress of the convention.

Dhiraj and Pompi Goswami managed the whole registration process. Dibakar Goswami and Julie Gogoi helped at the registration desk. Aradhana and Robert Satin helped with the registration package preparation.

Sushant and Rinki Sengupta helped in many ways. Rinki helped with the complete requirements of serving the snacks. Rinki also greeted the guests with Gamosa. Sushant helped as the event photographer. Sushant and Rahul Sarma helped with video graphing most of the cultural program.

Sujata Talukdar and Sonia Lall Choudhury helped with the Cultural program agenda and Emcee list preparation. Sujata and Latha managed the cultural program from backstage for all the three days. Thanks to Sujata, Latha and Sonia.

Sangeeta Goswami gave a new direction and meaning to children activities. The children liked it so much, none wanted to leave. Thanks to Sangeeta and Dibakar for the complete arrangement bearing all the related cost.

The host committee wanted to involve as many children and adults from the attendees to take part as emcees. It was great success as all the emcees did a superb job. Special thanks to Santanu Borah for his excellent compeering of the performance of the guest artist on both days. Thanks to all the emcees.

Thanks to Gayatri Goswami and her husband Debabrata Sharma for preparing the logistics of the guest artists, Zubeen Garg and Bornali Kalita and looking after them all the time in the convention. They along with Krishanu Kaushik and Barnam Bora helped the artists perform well on the stage.

The stage, registration area and red carpet photo area decoration would not have been possible without the help of Kumud and Kabita Das, Krishanu Kaushik, Isha Kaushik, Priyanka Kaushik, Robert Satin, Prabalika Goswami, Rahul Sarma and Lohit Datta-Barua.

The Vancouver team, Pinky Mahanta and Babli Senapati helped with the Indian sweets for the snacks served at the convention. Dipali Phukon kept our tradition alive by serving homemade Pitha with the snacks.

Sachetan Sengupta, Reda Ali and Neda Ali helped with ushering in the guests lighting the lamp and unfurling the flags. Reda and Neda also helped Sangeeta Goswami with the children activities.

Iftikhar Ali and Amlan Chakrabarty helped with the publicity, Iftikhar printing the Bellevue area maps free of cost. Rajiv Choudhury, Pinki Mahanta, Sonia Lall Choudhury and Dhiraj Goswami contributed to the tourist attraction information of their respective cities. Our thanks to you all.

There was constant help and suggestions from Ranu Dutta, Krishanu and Chumki Kaushik, Roopa Sharma and Dilara Boruah.

The convention could not have been planned well without the generous donations received from several individuals. Dr. Girin and Leslie Das took the complete responsibility of bringing Bornali Kalita. Other donors are Joy Shri Das, Aroona Barpujari, Satyajit and Latha Nath, Krishanu and Chumki Kaushik, Hiren and Usha Sarma, Roopa Sharma, Debabrata and Juri Sarma, Ranu and Satyajit Dutta, Arup and Manashi Goswami, Suranjoy and Kamalakshi Hazarika, Anjana Bordoloi and Krishna Hazarika, Dil and Dilip Deka, Pallabita and Debojit Bhuyan, Rabin and Anuradha Mahanta, Geeti Das and Prantor Bora, Meghna Das Gogoi and Manoj Gogoi. Chirayu Borooah provided the tea packets you found in the registration packet. Our thanks to all the donors.

Thanks to all others for their help if we have missed any names.

To give a brief glimpse of the convention for those who missed, the Calgary team presented a Bhaona the Sakinoor Protishood. The acting, the costumes and the presentation was excellent.

Thanks to Anjana Bordoloi for presenting the most popular Fashion Show in a highly professional manner. Thanks to Geeti Das for helping Anjana.

Congratulations to the Seattle team for winning the Anima Chakraborty Memorial Chorus competition and the Minnesota team for winning the Krishna Das Memorial children chorus competition.

As the Bihu dance competition teams dropped out at the last minute for unavoidable reasons, one of the would be competitors, the Seattle team, presented a very well received signature Bihu dance.

In the seminar, Dr. Aravind Phukan and Prof. Prashanta Bordoloi presented the problem of soil erosion of Majuli, Dr. Satyam Sarma presented facts on heart and exercise, Dona Bhattacharyya presented a stress reduction technique and Satyajit Nath presented the work of ASHA for education, a nonprofit organization.

AANA and AFNA presented new awards introduced for the first time.  AANA and Asom Sahitya Sabha felicitated Ms. Sanghamitra Kalita on receiving the Pulitzer prize with her CNN news team.

We are presenting below few photos of the convention. We have also collected some videos from several sources and placed them in a shared link for all to see and download if anybody wants to create a video of selected performances. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you want to add your videos. We have also provided links to photos shared by Sushant Sengupta, Amar Deka, Bhaskar Khaund, Rubul Das and Debabrata Sarma.

Video link:!AkCz-IFm06wUgv5fZjVaKaRZJzA9cw

Photo Links:!AlbRy_o8xTd4g4Rtq0JhJNt_YeLZlg!AnKT_VeSO-IWifp6FcTvLheDBUtdrg!AkCz-IFm06wUg49PL3mJkC-pD_eATg

Thanks to the NorthWest community for all the help and support.

Debabrata and Juri Sarma
37th Assam Convention Host Committee Chairman and Event Coordinator



Dear Friends,

The Host Committee extends their warmest invitation to you, your friends and families to celebrate the 37th Assam Convention in Seattle, Washington from July 1 – 3, 2016. Please mark your calendar for a wonderful experience of our culture and enjoy the majestic beauty of Seattle, Portland and Vancouver (Canada).

For your stay we have made arrangements in a brand new Marriott Hotel in downtown Bellevue area. Marriott has given us a very good discounted rate from June 28 to July 7, 2016. Please book as early as possible. Hotel details are provided in a section below. Bellevue is a beautiful city opposite Seattle downtown. Two shopping Malls and Metro bus terminal is within walking distance from the hotel.

The Cultural Committee is planning to put an exciting show including guest artists. Please join us to make it a big success with your singing, dancing, and acting talents. We are looking forward to a spectacular performance from all the regions of USA and Canada. We expect a very competitive spirit from children and adults for the chorus and dance competitions.

More news will follow later on registration and participation in the cultural program in our web site as we progress.

Friends, the Assam Convention is yours! We always need your full support, participation and enthusiasm to make your convention a remarkable one for all and also a part of your sweet memories.

Thank you again for being part of this beautiful and rich experience of our community. Looking forward to seeing you and your families in the 2016 summer of Seattle.

With Warm Wishes,
The Assam Convention 2016 Host Committee
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.