Arup Kumar Dutta
ASSNA is very happy to announce that the nationally and internationally acclaimed, celebrated writer from Assam Mr. Arup Kumar Dutta will be attending the Assam Convention 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2-4 as the Chief Guest of ASSNA. Mr. Dutta will be unveiling the annual magazine 'Luitor Pora Mississippi' and give a short speech at the ASSNA GBM. ASSNA has arranged another forum where Mr. Dutta will be giving a speech on a timely and important issue of Assam. Please do not miss this rare opportunity to hear from 
this prolific writer and great orator.

ARUP KUMAR DUTTA is a fulltime, award winning Indian writer who has attained international recognition. He has so far authored 14 books for adults and 17 adventure novels for young people. He has also penned short stories, articles, columns, satiric pieces, editorials and other forms of journalistic writing published in various magazines and newspapers.


Arup Kumar Dutta was born at Jorhat in the Northeastern Indian state of Assam on 2nd July, 1946 to Girish and Indira Dutta. He passed Senior Cambridge Examinations from the Lawrence School, Sanawar in 1962 and graduated with Honours in English Literature from Ramjas College, University of Delhi in 1966. After completing his post-graduation in English Literature from the University of Delhi in 1969, he returned to Assam to teach English at J.B.College, Jorhat. During his stint at teaching, Dutta simultaneously began his writing career as a freelance journalist, satirical columnist and short fiction writer. With his articles, satirical pieces and short stories appearing in newspapers and journals, in the course of a few years he established a reputation at the national level. Apart from finding slots in prestigious journals such as The Illustrated Weekly of India, Caravan, Femina, JS, Eve’s Weekly etc, he also became one of the lead writers in the famous Indian satirical magazine, Shankar’s Weekly.

However, cognizant of the ephemeral nature of media-journalism and desiring to write fictive and journalistic works of more abiding value, Dutta gave up his teaching job and took to fulltime writing towards the latter half of the 1980s. Currently he is based in Guwahati, Assam with wife Rupa, while his daughter Paloma, son Arnab, and daughter-in-law Susmita, work in Delhi.  


  GPB   Gautam Prasad Baroowah

Gautam Prasad Baroowah is a Poet-Writer, Novelist and  Economic Analyst from Assam, India. He has been the Chairman of Assam Sahitya Sabha (Poet Conference) in its Bilashipara Session. He is also the  recipient of "HEM BARUAH AWARD' for his creative writings. He writes both in Assamese and in English. His well known  English books are "TEA LEGEND LIFE AND LIVELIHOOD OF INDIA," published by RedRiver, "WINDOWFULL OF SKY," published by Cambridge Books  and "YOU CAN BE A MILLIONAIRE, YES YOU SURE CAN" marketed by Amazon books all over the world and by Barnes and Nobel in the United States.   

"Mur Janmo Biplobor Juir Majot" published by Lawyers Books Stall, Guwahati is his most well known poetry book, having four editions till date. His novel "Belay" on Vivekanada published by Bonolota  was  a best seller. The book narrates the story of how two young Indian American students from the USA travelled  to India and visited all the places of Vivekanada's monastic life and ultimately won a debating competition in the USA, establishing the fact that Vivekananda's teachings carry the  most relevant  values for the world even today. His latest novel "Kaziranga: Desoj and Dehoz premar Rup Katha" has been accepted by critics like Homen Borgohain, Debabrata Das, Ratna Oja and Bhadra Borah, as the First futuristic novel in Assamese literature. His travel books are most popular in Assam

Mr. Baroowah is well known for the recitations of poems. It was through his efforts that Gramaphone company of India brought out the first gramaphone record of extended play of Assamese recitation in Seventies of last century with the music of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, where Dr. Hazarika also recited for the first time a poem by Joyti Prasad Aggarwala. Baroowah's poems have been widely recited in Assam and Bengal. He now writes regular columns in four newspapers of Assam.

In recognition of his contribution to Assamese literature  and recitation, legendary ASL club, jointly with Kolkata Sahitya Sora have produced  and  brought out  the first ever video recitation Album ,recited by well known recitors of Assam like Dr. Amarjoyti Chowdhury, Dr. Manjumala Das, Late Ishan Barua, Nakib Ahmed, Srutimala Duara, Robin Barthakur  and Abani Borah while celebrating Diamond Jubilee years of Baroowah's life. He is  going to be 75 years old on 7th of June 2015. To know more about Mr. Baroowah, you  can visit   the website  and the  blog given below.

Mr. Baroowah was educated in Economics and as a professional business executive was in the Board of Multinational companies like Williamson Magor, Assam Carbon Limited, Indian Carbon limited, B&A limited. He was also the Executive Director of Reserve Bank of India as the Banking Ombudsman in West Bengal and in Assam region.

Gautam Prasad Baroowah
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Dear friends,

With great sadness, we want to share the news that Sangita Kakati was denied her US Visa. Please don't be disheartened. We have good news for you. We are bringing Rehanna Kheshgi to the Convention who will entertain you with her melodius voice and Bihu dance and present a spectacular show. Stay Tuned....


                        R2    Rehanna Kheshgi is in the final stages of her doctoral research in Ethnomusicology focusing on Assamese culture at the University of Chicago. She has spent the past six years traveling to Assam to learn about the Assamese bihu festival and the role bihu plays in people's everyday lives. Along the way, she has learned to sing and dance bihu, as well as folk songs such as Goalparia lokogeet and Bagurumba, Assamese modern songs, and most recently she has performed with Angaraag Papon Mahanta on his 2015 bihu tour in Assam. She plans to publish her research and continue performing in order to share share her experiences in Assam and love for Assamese culture with people all over the world.