“The Last Orange”: Amazing Reunion after 4 Decades between Nepal, Assam, India and USA

- Kisan Upadhaya

Abandoned, neglected, rejected and left on the side of the streets to fend for themselves were two siblings. I was at age 4 and my elder sister at age 8.  After our mother left us, our father handed us to our aunt who then brought us to Nepal from India.  Once in Nepal our aunt forced my 8 year old sister to an arranged marriage to a 28 year old guy suffering with cancer.  Then she (aunt) leaves us there and vanishes, never to be seen again.  At 4 I work at a restaurant washing dishes for living due to starvation and something to eat.  Sister on the other hand becomes slave.

Poor working condition and lack of warm clothing, I got sick and thus fired at age 4 from work.  Not being able to find food after that moment, I resorted to begging on the streets until I was too sick to even beg. My helpless sister who is barely can take care of herself does her best to slave and feed me every one or twice a week from her slavery job. Near death, I end up in hospital.  Once at hospital my sister came to visit me few times and asked me to come with her, unable to leave the hospital with piling bills, I was forced to say good bye to my one and only sister I loved and who took care of me, never to see her again.

40 years I searched for my family especially for my beloved sister and wanted to know if she was still alive or not? I made many attempts and even approached many TV programs here in USA but no one helped or responded. 

With help from friends in Nepal and few good and very helpful Assamese chief of police and other friends in Assam, India and social network like FB, I reach out to some folks in India who were willing to listen to my plea and were willing to help.  Just last year I was reunited with my mother and my sister on a live TV between three countries: Nepal, north eastern state of Assam, India and North Carolina, USA. I have since written a book titled "The Last Orange" and successfully published it in USA. Books are available via online and retail stores: B&N.com, amazon.com and iUniverse.com.

After finding my sister and mother I managed to gather up courage to interview mom and my sister just to find out that my sister spend slavery until she was at 15 and her great aunt and great uncle came looking for her.  After that her own mother and father was told of her whereabouts yet our parents did not have anything to do her. My sister’s two attempts to finish her life, her chilling life and torment she endured made my childhood story nothing compared to hers.  This book is in dedication to my beloved sister.

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Mr. Upadhaya promoting his book “The Last Orange” at the Assam Convention, Detroit, MI

34th Assam Convention, July 4-6, 2013 - Detroit, Michigan

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