Bihu Essence in the Assam Convention Detroit

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Collection of 'Thank you' Messages and Feedbacks from Detroit Convention Attendees

Thankyou AAMI

 Ajanta Goswami, Indiana:
Thanks for a wonderful Assam Convention with great food, mesmerizing performances and interesting conversations. Many happy memories of good times with family and friends to last a lifetime.

Himanshu Ojah ,Ohio:
You guys are true Awesomese !!!! Everything was Perfect, this was Perfection at its best. Great work and thanks for doing it for us.

Pranab Sarmah, Minnesota:
The 34th Assam convention was a hit. Thanks to all of you for the hard work you have put in. You guys rock . Simanta was very good. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and still getting nostalic .

Monika Das Kataky,Minnesota:
A heartfelt congratulations and thanks to Michigan Assamese community for a very well organized and entertaining Annual Assam Convention. Great food and cultural program, awesome friends and community created another absolutely wonderful memories.

Prafulla Baruah, Michigan:
The Assam Convention was a glorious achievement. You have all deservedly earned the title of “awesomese” for our community through your superb effort and performance in everything that you did for the convention. What an exemplary way to define “awesomeness” in the real world!

Santanu Borah ,Alabama:
Team AAMI: On behalf of many of our out-of-town friends, we would like to offer our heartiest congratulations to the AAMI team. You pulled this event off as a team and we cannot thank you enough for having thought through many of the small details that made the event a tremendous success. Cultural items, food, facilities.. I do not think I can process all the things that you did to make the event a success.
You guys worked very hard and your MAROM, SENEH, AADOR-HADOR...won the hearts and minds of all.
Thank you once again!

Riddhiman Das ,Kansas City:
Thank you so much for having me at the Assam Convention 2013 - I had a great time, and built valuable relationships with the Assamese Community, and re-connected with old friends and relatives, and enjoyed the cultural shows. This was my first time being in this Convention, and it was a very memorable and really enjoyable experience.
Good job on the organization - I can only imagine the hard work that goes into organizing something of this magnitude, and it was really impressive.

Bandana Sarmah , Georgia:
Had a wonderful time at the 34th Assam Convention in Detroit. The Michigan community did an excellent job in hosting the event....great food, wonderful performances, amazing decor and fine touches all around that made it all so special. Many thanks to the host committee.

Tej Hazarika, New York:
Attended the 34th Assam Convention 2013 in Detroit with Sage. Presented Bhupen Hazarika Foundation during the AFNA segment. Inaugural speech was by Dr. Kulendu Pathak, (also President of Bhupen Hazarika Foundation), who stressed the importance of education. The entertainment and fashion show were a Kaleidoscopic display that went on 24 hours a day for three days. Fun was had, old friendships were revived and new friendships were sparked. Thanks to the tireless work of the AANA leaders and organizers this Live social network was possible, successfully.
A meaningful experience for me and my extended family, I speak for them here -- there is so much to reflect on--new awareneses, disarmed misconceptions, and abundant energies to channel in the future. 'Motown' 2013 will be memorable as both my son, 21, and I participated, perhaps more consciously than before, due entirely to internal causes. Old acquaintances were rekindled and new ones were sparked across the generations.
We marvel at the three day wonder of Assam experience created by AAMI this time, other organizing committees in previous years and in general the legacy, foresight and leadership of AANA are appreciated greatly.
That we were able to experience this while enjoying our own family re-union of three generation of our family scattered over North America makes these conventions very special indeed.
We look forward to working closely with the NY- NJ teams to make Convention 2014 a rich experience for all attendees

Meenakshi and Rathin Devchoudhury,| North Carolina:
It was really a great convention. We have attended most of the past conventions and must say that you guys have raised the bar. Everything was flawless, starting from the greetings when we got there to the end of the convention. The decorations were beautiful. The food was delicious. The program was excellent. The performances by the invited artists as well as the local ones were of very high quality.
Thank you all for the good time.

Bibhash Barua, Illinois:
We enjoyed the convention the moment we arrived with a warm welcome and décor. Events moved very smoothly. You have put out a great show and guest artists set a standard for future conventions. I would like to congratulate the AAMI family and the sponsoring organizations.

Pervez Alam , Florida:
It was a great convention! I loved every moment. The Hospitality was awesome. The setting was great, the programs were great. The Indian buffet was good, but missed Assamese food.
AAMI did a fantastic job! Congratulations AAMI on a very successful convention!

Ranu Dutta, Texas
Our hats off to The Detroit Assam Convention organizers for a fun filled, thrilling 3 days of fun, food and cultural. What a convention. Every detail was planned our so perfectly and the decoration was superb. The cultural highlights were the greatest and very top notch. We felt great seeing the bond in the AAMI community, and worked so well together.
Will give a more detailed feedback later.

Dipanka and Mitali Sarma, Toronto
We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for a very warm, friendly, thoroughly enjoyable convention.
Your attention to detail did not go unnoticed - the Glimpses of Assam pictures so professionally displayed in the hotel lobby, the "red carpet" photo-op area, the "Awesomese " T-shirts, the Assamese platter displayed in the dining area ... to name only a few!
Your warmth was infectious, right from the welcome at the hotel lobby (TV cameras and all!) to the home made snacks to Krishanu's pied piper act when he tried to gently pull us away from the hallways into the auditorium!
A special word of thanks to Chiranjit - I can imagine how difficult it can be to play the guitar with professionals at short notice with little or no rehearsals. He performed as a thorough professional himself amidst a dozen other responsibilities. Can we talk him into moving to Toronto?
Many, many thanks to everyone there who quietly worked to make this convention a great success. You've set a benchmark - congratulations!

Satyajit Nath, Washington:
Thanks a lot, team AAMI! You were collectively a picture of grace amidst all the work you were doing to manage such a large event. We felt at home and enjoyed every bit of a thoroughly well-organized convention. Take some well-earned rest. Thanks again.

Mitrajyoti Deka, Indiana:
Magnificent, indeed. Credit goes to all the members of AAMI for their sincere effort and sacrifice.

Dr. Bijan Jyoti Borah, Minnesota
Thanks for the flawless execution of the convention with so much attention to details. We greatly appreciate your hospitality as well as the hard work that must have gone into making it a grand success.

Kripa Borah, New Jersey:
Detroit conventions have always establishes significant milestones not only for the Assamese community in north America but it also significantly matters for Assam and its people. Thirty years ago the Assam convention was in Detroit. At that convention Dr. Dilip Dutta arranged to pay our respects at the at the burial tomb of Miles Bronson at Eaton Rapids near Detroit the Baptist missionary along with Nathan Brown saved the Assamese language from extinction at the hands of the other Indian languages by establishing it as a different language and published the first Assamese journal Orunudoi and the first grammar known as the grammatical notes of the Assamese language. If those Baptist missionaries would not have done it there would have been no Assamese language to speak and no Assam Conventions. At the same convention thirty years ago the first Branch of the Assam Sahitya Sabha was establised and a letter was produced from the the then General Secretary of Assam Sahitya Sabha of Assam under the presidentship of Dr. Birendranath Bhattacharya recognizing the first Branch of the Assam Sahitya Sabha outside of Assam. Thereafter only many years later the branches in New Delhi and United Kingdom were established. At the Detroit Covention the first journal Prabashi was established under the joint editorship of Mrs. Ruma Baruah and the Late Rita Dutta. This journal was renamed in 1984 at the convention in New Jersey as Luitor Pora Missisippi as the name suggests the bond between Assam and North America.
The present convention has its own significant milestones. All the programs established their own milestones. Particularly the cultural program. It established an unique future direction and the program presented a vision for future programs. In Assames it would read like - Eta bishista dish nirnoi kori dishe aaru tar digantar chawni dekhuwale. In addition to that a dictionary of the Brajawali language created by the Vaisnavite Saint Sri Sri Shakardev was inaugurated. For over five hundred years the languge did not have a dictionary like the English Oxford Dictionary. The present Brajawali dictionary meets that challenge. This is a gift to Assam and the Assamese people where ever they are. The Detroit convention organizers are responsible for all these significant milestones not only for the community here but also for Assam and the people of Assam. Before I complete the love and generosity displayed by the Detroit residents every one at the convention takes their hats off. In Assamese Detroitor Maram Auro Antarikata Otulanamolak. Tak koneu sher pelaba noware. Khova Bowar Kathai Nai. Tar Showad Etiyau Mukhr pora jowa nai.
Let the Universe Bless You All
Panna & Loni Hazarika , California
It was a sheer pleasure attending the 34th Assam Convention in Detroit, Michigan. The event was planned to the last details, organized and implemented brilliantly, and we enjoyed every moment of the 3 days we spent with the other guests. Having organized national conventions in the past, we can easily gauge the scope of the time and effort that must have been invested by the entire Michigan team. Our especial thanks to Ruma and Debojit Barua, whose leadership and loving guidance helped create the winning AAMI (Assam Association of Michigan) team. Thank you again for your dedication and for the personal sacrifices each one of you made for the greater good of the Assamese community. We appreciate!

Nirmali Baruah, Ohio
It was a wonderful convention. Everybody worked so hard. Congratulations to all.
We will write in details later.

Pranab Bora , Wisconsin:
My congratulation to team AAMI. You guys rock. We had a total blast at the event. Good food, good company and lots of fun.

Deva & Anu Borah, Virginia
We had a wonderful time at this convention. The location was convenient. Members of the host committee made us feel home. We felt like we were somewhere in Assam during those three days. All the facilities were adequate and well planned. Organizational meetings were productive. The forum was informative and inspiring. Food was great with well planned dishes and items. Cultural programs with local and guest artists, including the children, were entertaining. Overall it was a carefully planned convention by the host committee. We offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the organizers for their time and labor and giving us a memorable convention. Anu & Deva Borah

Manas and Nayana Sharma , Ontario
Organization of this 34th convention - including the location, groundwork right from the preceding informative emails to the immediate follow up, guest reception, snacks, needless to say the programs, the artistes, efforts to be on time, were all benchmarks of perfection, very laudable and well appreciated. We are amazed at the co-ordination and efficiency of the AAMI team.
Special word for Chiranjeet, Kaushik and all of the 'cultural team' guys were awesome indeed!
We bring back many sweet memories and we are sure this convention will last in each of the attendees minds for long. Three cheers for the entire AAMI team!!

Abhilasha Bharadwaj, Illinois:
Congratulations to the AAMI family for putting together a superb Convention. Your hard work, love and attention to detail was visible everywhere. Saying that the event was a success, is an understatement.
It was my first time in an ASSAM convention and I had a great time. My best wishes for the AAMI family for their future events.

Anjori Dutta , Michigan:
Hats off to all the AAMI members. Without everyone's keen involvement and cooperation the event would not have been this massive success... I had truly a memorable and incredible time and enjoyed mingling with Assamese people who know my father. Me and Chiranjit are already sulking in emptiness after this tremendous event has come to an end. However, there were some good memories to take back home and relish and cherish with.

Gitartha Pathak, Texas:

Suranjoy & Kamalakshi Hazarika, New Jersey
Congratulations for organizing such a successful Assam Convention. Thank you for all the hard work.
Looking forward to seeing all of you at the next convention.

Ambuja Jois, Karnataka
Congratulations AAMI! Though everyone of AAMI deserve to be hugely congratulated, a few special mentions add charm to the success....Gayatri n Manjit Gogoi for their extraordinary aesthetic sense in setting up of the stage n the welcoming area, the artistic skills of Rumi for the hand made Japi, Ruma Barua and her food team for her excellent selection of delicious dishes for each meal n snack which tickled our taste buds. Krishanu Kaushik,Vani and Chiranjit for feasting our eyes n ears through the well co ordinated cultural show case and the ever young couple Jeuti and PN Sarma for their hilarious skit. I was really touched by the gesture of Manjula and Prafulla Barua, Debojit and Ruma Barua, visiting every table to make the guests feel at home. The AAMI girls' dances performed by Asha, Shravanti, Dona, Monmi, Anjori, Rumi,Gayatri and Vani were spectacular! The crowning glory is that we met many of our old students and dear friends. I'll cherish this mesmerizing experience for the rest of my life.

Geeti Das, Prantor Bora, Nimisha and Taj , Minnesota
Congratulations on the huge success of the 34th Assam Convention. Your warmth and hospitality, your unbelievable hard work with every attention to detail, and your willingness to make every single individual happy and content is commendable. Nobody could have done it better. On July 7th, we didn't even realize that we drove 13 hours non-stop from Detroit to Minneapolis just talking about those 3 days. Now we are reminiscing with our pictures and videos over and over again. Thank you again for those wonderful memories!
Happiness Always to the AAMI Family!

Mafu Haque, Ohio:
Congratulations for a wonderful job done at organizing such an event. Was definitely impressed with the time and work that was put in by the organizers to make it successful!

Binoy K. Bordoloi, New Jersey:
Congratulations! A job very well done.
I will mostly remember the convention as the grand finale of music, "An Evening in Detroit (rather than Paris)", with a lot of local talent as well as those who came a long way to make it such a memorable event. The AFNA and ASSNA meetings that I had attended were very constructive and productive also.
Let's keep it up. (Now the NJ/NY team has something for emulation!)

Satyen And Namita Das , Virginia
Namita and I are happy to learn that Detroit convention went very well and everybody enjoyed it. As ex-Detroiters we were all set to attend the convention, but had to cancel at the last moment because one of our close friends (Biraj Bhuyan) passed away in Pennsylvania and had to attend his “Shraddha” ceremony on the same day (July 6). Congratulations to our Detroit team.

Nirmala Kalita, New Jersey
Dear Michigan friends, The 34th Assam Convention was a great success, we all enjoyed immensely. It was very well organized. Congratulations to you all for your hard work and success. All the best.

M. Rezaul (Pintu) Islam, Wisconsin:
Congratulations AAMI and thank you for a wonderful and very well organized Assam Convention 2013 in Detroit. You did an excellent job organizing this event for it to be a success - great job and well done. I had a great time, not only enjoyed the great entertainment program and the talented guest artists and local artists (especially the children), but meeting old friends and people I have known over the years and see their children all growing up, as well as the new people I met was a pleasure in its self. Again thanks and my best wishes to you all...Pintu Islam

Debojit (Dipu) Bora , California:
We are also echoing the positive feedback of many on the 34th Convention experience. We are very happy and proud of our AAMI friends! No doubt the relentless hard work, sincere dedication .... and above the "Can Do" spirit of the AAMI volunteers carried away the festivities of the 34th Assam Convention to a NEW High!
As much as our eyes could observe, minds could absorb, and the stomachs could fill-in, we topped them all! The creative and beautiful decorations on the stage, and the walls were truly admirable. The Hollywood style Red Carpet idea was a big hit also. We liked the sign-in packet and also enjoyed reading the articles of well published magazine " Oikataan".
There were so many pleasant experiences starting from the warm hospitality, excellent programs, affordable arrangements that we can go on... So, our AAMI friends, we salute you in gratitude and send you heartfelt thanks for the excellent convention you provided to the Community.
With Best Wishes to keeping up the tradition up for the next time :-))
Bora family, Ex-AAMI & Present Camarillo, CA

Ajita Bhuyan, Florida:
We were unable to attend the Assam Convention.
Sat and watched the videos posted on you tube and enjoyed the wonderful performances .

Sarfaraz Taher, Minnesota:
THANK YOU AAMI for a fabulous convention. We will remember this convention for a long time as it was extremely well organized, sparkled with high quality performances and above all great hospitality from the hosts. A lot of great effort has gone into it and it showed in all aspects of the convention. I have spoken to a lot of attendees, especially from Minnesota, and there is unanimity regarding the excellence of this convention.

Luku And Kailash Deka ,Texas:
Thank you AAMI members for making the 34th Assam
convention a remarkable event. It was so well organized that we enjoyed every minute-all events, delicious and variety of Assamese snacks
and authentic food.Congratulations to you all.

Manoj Deori , Ohio:
It was a fabulous and memorable couple of days spent amidst Assamese culture. We enjoyed all the performances and activities put together by the locals, out-of-towners, and overseas artistes, and also greatly appreciated meeting the Assamese diaspora.
As hosts, AAMI did an excellent and laudable job! Congratulations!

Sachindra Baishya, Colorado:
I salute the dedication of all members of AAMI to organize everything so nicely. We enjoyed every bit of it.

Debabrata and Juri Sarma, Washington:
Never seen so many congratulatory emails on Assam Convention before! Even people who could not attend also sent congratulations!
Everybody already spoke our mind! There is no doubt that it is the best Assam Convention we ever attended since 1990.
To get such a huge success and perfection, you have to have all the Stars at the right place at the right time! And the Stars happen to be, all the dedicated and highly talented AAMI members!

Chumki Kaushik, Michigan:
So happy to see all the positive feedback. "Rong dhemalire xojau aha garir ei nogori..." each and every line of the Swagatam chorus is ringing true and I'm so proud all of us (including the littlest amongst us Anaya!) did our best to make it a relaxing and enjoyable 3 day event for all those who attended. Have to say that our guests were equally wonderful which made hosting them so easy! Looking fwd to the NJ convention and seeing everyone again!

Mridul Barua, Ontario:
I could not have expressed my joy better than Debabrata Sarma did
regarding the amazing and wonderful job done by the Michigan families. They justified their name AAMi ( I mean in Assamese).
Hearty congratulations

Parvez Hussain, Minnesota:
It is more than a week. Me and my family is not able to get over the convention fever. The convention was way beyond our expectation. We went to have fun and we got more than that.
In office, at home, going for a evening stroll, me and my wife keep talking about the convention.
Thank you very much. All of you need a good break after all the hard work. So come to Minneapolis and spend time with us.

Kasturi Kaushik , Delhi:
Congratulations to all the Michigan Assamese community for such a well organized event. Specially to krishanu Kaushik(Raj da) for a great event organization spirit.

Gautamlal Baruah, Illinois (via aanaonline):
The  34th Assam Convention was truly memorable. It was a copy book convention as they say in cricket. The host committee from Detroit deserve a big hand from all of us. Kudos to them.
Roopa Sharma, Illinois (via aanaonline):
My heartfelt thanks to the AAMI community for hosting an excellent Assam Convention last week. A big hand to each one of you. You worked very hard to give all of us a great time.
Partha Gogoi,Virginia (via annaonline),
First of all, thank you Detroit Host committee for organizing this great event.......all the members of the Host Committe went above and beyond to make sure everyone felt at home. There was such a diversity of programs - an all inclusive cultural show. Each step must have been planned pretty early as things moved in harmony and unison. Thank you Debojit Barua da, Ruma baideo, Krishanu da and the entire team who managed it superbly.
For our little one, this was his 2nd convention (last year we were in Calgary - we loved it - kudos to Arup da (Goswami) and team but he was too young to understand). As he gets older, it makes even more sense to give him a sense of identity and the Assam convention held around July 4th re-inforces that every time. All the 3 artists from Assam were superb - they got everyone involved - different age groups & generations and different interests all seemed to blend together during their performance. Cannot forget the quiz master Rathin Dev Choudhury's questions - he kept us on the edge all the time. Next time, the Cotton College team, I assure you, is going to win the prize.
We loved meeting with the seniors as well as the new faces - from Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago, Wisconsin, Washington state and California. I have perhaps made more Facebook friends in the span of 3 days than ever before. On top of that, met with two of my teachers, Dr Kulendu Pathak  (Physics) and Dr Satyen Choudhury (Chemistry) from Cotton College. Inviting Riddhiman Das to the convention and felicitating him on his success was a wonderful step. We hope he achieves even more succcess in life.
Kisan Upadhaya, North Carolina (via aanaonline):
 It was an honor to meet you all at  the 34th Assam Convention in Detroit, Michigan.   I like to thank each and everyone from the bottom of my heart for job well done. 
Manoranjan Bezboruah, California (via aanaonline):
The 34th Assam Convention during the July 4-6, 2013, was a grand success.  We thank the organizers of this Convention for delivering a wonderful package -- the people involved were nice and hospitable, the facility and stay was great, the food was good, the program was superb, and above all the organization was impeccable!  More power to such people who can deliver on promises!  We are grateful to Dr. Debojit Barua and his team.
Atul Sarma, Kentucky (via email):
Road to Pontiac (Detroit) was very long. The rain storm made it longer and longer; but the return way became shorter with excellent weather in addition to every segment of the convention that all participant enjoyed to the fullest extent of pleasure of storing memories. Thank you for the memories that you all created for us.  You have set another mile stone in the history of Assam Convention.
We wish, we could send our gratitude to every member of your team including your younger kids individually -- All of you put the event so elegantly. However, now we we cannot reach everyone individually. This is for every one of you. Your young brigade with so much talent, dedication and hard work set a new example of success. Thank you.
Your food-cultural arrangement and setting of programs along with cordial hospitality have been illustrious. Thank you again for creating so much thrill and excitement for all of us -- the community.
Gokul Satma, Ontario (via email) :
Convention bor bhal lagil, Your people worked hard which gave good result.
Arup Goswami, Alberta (via email):
In simple words: " A great convention"- it is really hard to measure success. To me if everyone is  happy with all the arrangements without any complaints - is Success.
I can imagine the amount of effort needed from each and everyone from the host committee to run an event of this magnitude. Great job.
Aabir DAs, NY (via email):
Thank you to AAMI for all your hardwork in making the 34th Assam Convention a grand success.  The red carpet idea was really cool and hopefully we can do it again in the Northeast.  The cultural program was diverse and entertaining and the atmosphere in general was very inviting and homely. 
Ronji Borooah, Ontario (via email):
Congratulations to AAMI for a terrific job, and for all the volunteer hours all of you put in to make AANA 2013 such a success.. Okay, New York/New Jersey, we’re looking for you to meet and exceed AAMI’s efforts in 2014!(And this includes you too, Aabir!)
Manoj Gogoi, Florida (via email):
Thanks to the Michigan Assamese community for your tireless effort to organize such a fun filled and amazing Assam Convention 34th. When I came to US, I never thought I could meet so many Assamese people at one place. As a Assamese guy , I grew up among the Bihu functions and this convention really made me  feel home and a taste of our rich culture. This emotion is priceless and I heartily thank AAMI for giving it to me. 
Looking forward for next year's NY/NJ convention and dance Bihu again :)
Anil Thakuria, Ohio (via email):
It was lour privilege to be there celebrating this convention. It was so well organized and we enjoyed every bit of it: drank it to the last drop. We are also grateful to be able to participate in the cultural programs. Hopefully see you all in New Jersey next year.
Nripen and Monica Barua, NY (via email):
It was indeed one of the best conventions we have attended. Very well planned and the execution was superb. It is a great reflection on the Detroit community. Their dedication and commitments is really inspirational. Yes they called themselves AAMI (WE ) and not (I). Congratulations and thank you to AAMI.
Anupee Perlmutter, Virginia (via email):
We want to thank you again for the wonderful 34th Assam Convention 2013! 
We're still talking about how much fun we had over the whole weekend. 
Thank you for being such gracious hosts! The activities and performances reflected great teamwork and planning. The food committee did a perfect job. And Krishanu, what an enjoyable cultural program!  
It was so heartwarming to see the AAMI kids carry the torch forward and great to see you guys manage things so smoothly. 
Sunita - the Dining room looked gorgeous, Sameer your band is so talented, and the Emcees were phenomenal. We truly appreciate the time spent with all of you. It was no surprise to see the success you accomplished!
Hitesh and Sangjukta Thakuria, Ontario (via email):
This was our first convention. For us it exceeded our expectation. The organizers have done a splendid job. We could only imagine how much effort it took to get such an excellent end result.  We are proud to be part of Assamese community in North America. Thanks to all who prepared home made snacks. Cultural program was well planned and everything were near perfect. Attracting media was a good initiative. Waiting to participate in even better convention in coming years. Thank you all.
Rajib and Bandana Sarmah,Georgia (via email):
A huge congratulations to the AAMI family for a wonderful job done in showcasing the talents and culture of the Assamese diaspora at the 34th Assam Convention!!Had a wonderful time, thoroughly enjoying the whole weekend (cannot believe a week has gone by already!). Met a few old friends, some of them after a gap of 10 years or more, and made some new ones - one of the benefits of such a cultural reunion with a common background. The host committee had done such a terrific job in putting everything together - from the moment we stepped into the hotel, to the time we left the hotel lobby ! Everything was well thought out and carefully organized - the decorations, great yummy snacks, the tea breaks, the delicious meals, and above all the cultural programs, with the star performers from Assam and the local talents from every corner of North America! It created the memories we all look for in a gathering of this caliber! Once again, thank you AAMI for the hospitality and for making Detroit the Motown stage in showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Assam! Looking forward to the next stage in New Jersey!
Jib Talukdar, Ontario (via email):
Thanks again for the great convention.  We enjoyed every moment.

Mairayee B. Angelo, Illinois (via email):
Thank you - one and all - for a very fun convention.  Our whole family was there - including my mother, sister and nephew and we all had a good time.  We were struck by your warmth, "aador, xador" and all the little details that some or several of you put so much time and effort into - the printed meal tickets., welcome packet, the packaged favor mug, the dining room decorations, the traditional Assamese thali, the red carpet welcome - not to mention the plethora of delicious home-made snacks and the "picture opp" background!  Much hard work - and we appreciated and enjoyed it all!
On a personal note, thank you for giving me the opportunity to once again, emcee with Santanu.  It's always a fun experience for me and the atmosphere of cooperative congeniality made it even more special.  Congratulations - and hope you've all had some much needed and well-deserved rest!
Aradhana Satin, NJ (via hand-written note):
Your team did an excellent job of organizing the convention. The rooms, the hotel, the food, the activities, the special decorations – all were absolutely perfect! From every aspect, we enjoyed the convention. Please thank everyone involved for their hard work. It was a great Assam Convention for us attendees.
Robert Satin, NJ (via hand-written note):
My sentiments mirror those of my better half but I do have a complaint: you folks and the entire committee did such an outstanding job that it will be impossible to even come close to approximating your achievements. Thank you and best wishes.
Kumkum Sarma:, Texas (via hand-written note):
Just a note to tell you what a wonderful time we had at the convention. We appreciate your hard work and effort that made it such a success.

Members Serving and Celebrating at the Detroit Convention 2013


 On the left, one of the dedicated hosts Ruma Barua greeting guests from their arrivals till departures with one of them Anu Borah; and on the right outgoing AANA Gen Secretary, Ranu Dutta celebrating with new Gen Secretary, Geeti Das


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