The Most Memorable Assam Convention 2013, from Texas

 - Usha Sarma

Three weeks ago we all returned from Detroit, attending the most memorable Assam Convention. This is still the talk of the town in our social gatherings. Thank you Host Committee and all the participants! Quite a few Texamese families from Houston, Austin, and Dallas attended the convention.
Texas contingent poured their hearts in rendering a beautiful chorus “Asomi Aai Rupohi”, although they had to concede the trophy to a deserving winning team from Minneapolis. As usual, Reema Das was at her best representing Texas with a number of her beautiful songs.
The Most_Memorable_Assam_Convention_2013_from_Texas_1

 Back in Texas

Thanks to Prabha and Rupesh Saikia for inviting Prathana Choudhury and her father Dr. Satyen Choudhury to Houston for a musical performance on July 20. As in Detroit, both of them were big hit in a gathering of more than 60 people. Prarthana once again entertained the audience with her melodious voice, singing both in Assamese and Hindi. Her father Dr. Sayten Choudhury, a great violinist played a number of songs which he proudly calls “Dr
Bhupen Hazarika's voice in violin”. Besides being the MC for the evening, Mike Fincke also gave a video presentation, which was considered to be very valuable for the children and the adults alike. The convention chorus was also performed followed by a solo from Reema Das.

The Most_Memorable_Assam_Convention_2013_from_Texas_2

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