A message from the Detroit Convention host committee Chairman Dr. Debojit Barua



Dear friends,

We are truly overwhelmed by your feedback. Your presence at the convention and your very kind words have touched us all. Thank you so much. 

Thanks also go to our guest artists from Assam, Simanta Shekhar, Mallika Kandali and Prarthana Choudhury. Their performances, along with those of the local North American artists and the talented children, gave us a top-class cultural program. We were also honored to have Dr. Kulendu Pathak and young Riddhiman Das address the gathering. Thanks to Anupam Chakraborty and Albert Bando of the News Live team, having the event telecast in real-time allowed our family and friends back home to get a taste of the gathering and experience the joyful celebration.

 I would really like to thank each and every member of our AAMI family. This successful convention would not have been possible without their contributions. We are indeed very fortunate and blessed to belong to a community where each one of us tried to help the other, all with the same goal of a successful convention. My job as Chairman was made easy by a dedicated, hard-working and cohesive team. Thank you once again and may our spirit of unity grow. We look forward to meeting all of you again at next year’s convention.


Dr. Debojit Barua
Chairman, Assam Convention 2013 Host Committee 

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