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Of course, in every convention, the main focus is the Cultural Show. Louella, Prasanta and Suman did an outstanding job in delighting the audience with a superb cultural program on both the days. It is not possible to name each program and each performer. Just a few come to mind: The 'Line Dance' - a true western flavor by the young and not so young adults of Calgary with the beat of Eddie Rabbit's immortal song "I Love a Rainy Night'. It was awesome.


CulturalShow 1
The beautiful 'Xotriya dance' by Xuwodi Dutta Bordoloi (my adopted niece), the authentic 'Husori' by the members of the host city, the excellent and very rhythmic  Spanish dance 'Senorita' by the young gals and guys of Calgary (the gals' beautiful skirts were home-made!), the ever popular Fashion Show, Papari Borthakur's melodious 'Goalporia lokogeet', Deva Borah's beautiful rendition of flute, Arpita Gogoi's graceful dance 'Xagor Xongomot', Tej Hazarika singing his father's song "Xomoyor Agragoti" and many more...

CulturalShow 3

Young children did beautifully in acting an Assamese skit "Bilati Pitha". Students and teachers of 'Assamese School of Language and Performing Arts', Calgary thrilled everyone with a comedy drama "Calgarir Kolaguri".

A unique and wonderful presentation was done by Saumya Barua of Calgary with help from his wife Sumana. Saumya entertained the audience with several beautiful 'Goalporia lokogeet' playing beautifully the distinctive instrument of Goalporia lookogeet 'Dotara' while in between, Sumana gave an informative, wonderful running commentary along with a short video presentation on the elephants in Goalpara district.

CulturalShow 5

Aswini Sharma and Aghore Bhattacharya's impromptu, hilarious few minutes of stage acting kept the audience laughing - nonstop. Aghore's repeated line "Apuni baru Punjabi neki" and Aswini's 'irritation and outburst' were so perfect!


CulturalShow 4
The Bihu dance by the Calgary ladies was absolutely lovely. There was a funny incident for me during the Bihu dance. I went forward towards the stage to get a better angle for my picture. "What! I am seeing things - in this case, I am seeing people! These are ladies from Calgary; but how come Ranu (Dutta, from Austin) is among them? I guess, my cataract has really deteriorated..." - I thought. Wiping my glasses I looked again. Yes, it was Ranu! Later I heard, during the dinner, Ranu was approached by the group to dance with them as one of the ladies from the group could not be able to dance. They gave her a pair of Muga mekhela-sador to wear to perform...and the rest is - Showtime! Well done Ranu!

And then of course, we all were waiting eagerly to our guest artists...

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