Chorus Competition

 Like previous few years, late Anima Chakravartty Memorial Chorus Competition was held during the convention. Later in the evening, the winners were announced and President Arup Goswami requested Dr. Deva Borah and me to present the running trophy. The Calgary chorus group bagged the first prize - the trophy. The second place winner was the group from Edmonton. Both the groups sang beautifully.

ChorusCompetition 1
I have to mention something about the third group - who represented the 'Goodwill group'. Since there were only two chorus groups joining the competition, Arup Goswami (President of the Host Committee) requested me to form one more group from the AANA executive body. Although it sounded daunting at first, it was discussed amongst us and we agreed to go ahead. Talk about self-confidence...! The AANA group consisted of Gautam Lal Baruah, President, Roopa Sharma, Vice President, Deva Borah, Treasurer, Ranu Dutta, General Secretary and two spouses - Anu Borah and Satyajit Dutta. A song was distributed and we practiced at home - by ourselves. The unique thing was - we all live in different cities and hence we could not practice the song together at all. Winning a prize was not our intention. With sheer good will in our hearts, we rose to the occasion (and literally - rose to the stage) and sang our hearts out. There is always a first time. Go AANA!

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