ASSAM CONVENTION 2011 - Invitation from the Host Committee

The Host Committee of Assam Convention 2011 is delighted to invite you all to the 32nd Assam Convention to be held at Chicago, Illinois from July 1-3, 2011.

Convention2011 01
We, the residents of Chicago, are looking forward to your wholesome participation. Come prepared to have a great time. With your dance, music and applause we strive to create the ambience of Assam’s traditions in joyous expressions of song, skit and dance. As we roll out the red carpet, we invite not only the Assamese Diasporas in North America, Europe and beyond, but our honored and loved ones visiting this country during that time. We are planning an entrancing agenda for you. Renowned performers, Zubeen Garg and Zublee Baruah from Ai Asom will be our featured artistes, along with our bevy of accomplished favorites, talented children and youth. The pitter patter of dancing feet and the lilting voices of performers will definitely ring in your ears for a long time. This is your annual opportunity to water your cultural roots, take pleasure in our rich heritage, nurture old friendships, and create memories.

We have arranged a lovely hotel for you, nestled amongst scenic woods and golfing greens, an oasis just a few miles away from the musical attractions, architecture, museums and culinary delights of downtown Chicago. We hope that you will stay awhile to savor our city after the convention. Do plan early and let us know so that your stay will be pleasant and smooth. The latest update is that Zublee Baruah has obtained her visa. Hotel bookings and registrations are picking up and renowned artistes of North America have confirmed participation. The AC2011 to be held in Chicago truly promises to be a block buster convention. We are all looking forward to having you in Chicago on the July 4th weekend.


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