Seattle Washington - Debabrata and Juri Sarma

- by Debabrata and Juri Sarma, Kirkland/Seattle, Washington

Thanks to the Chicago folks on the excellently executed job of hosting the 2011 Assam Convention. The hotel selection was wonderful. The food was plenty and delicious! The cultural program and the fashion show were very well organized. Each of the items presented by the children and the adults were of very high standard. It was a big surprise to see so many new talents, adults and the young! The three groups of chorus singers in the Anima Chakravartty Memorial Chorus Competition raised the level to a high standard.

Convention 2011 06 SeattleWashington

The opening song presented by the Chicago folks with its original content has enthralled everybody! It was a delight to listen to our own Rabin Goswami and Sankumani Sarma with their wives also moving in to join them.

The two well-known artists, Zubeen Garg and Zublee Baruah, was able to keep everybody on the dance floor for two days in a row! Thanks to the Host Committee for the insight of inviting the two who complements each other in a very nice way! Overall, the convention was a great success in all aspects! The tireless work of the Host Committee
members are very much appreciated by everybody. By the way, the magician was a good selection, a very tricky animal converter!

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