Thank You from the Host Committee - Chicago

Dear friends,

On behalf of the AC2011, Chicago host committee, I thank you for your overwhelming enthusiasm, generosity and participation in the 32nd Assam Convention held in Chicago in the July 4th weekend. We hope you had as good a time as we did in organizing this convention. The superb performances by the Prabasi Axomiya from all corners of North America and UK truly demonstrated that our culture and traditions are eternal and growing all the time. We have tried to encapsulate this memorable convention by a video recording which would be available soon.

Once again, thank you.

Warm regards.
Gautam L Baruah
AC2011, Chicago, Host Committee

News from the Mid West Assam Convention 2011

- by Roopa Sharma
The 'Windy City' Chicago was rocking during the July 4th Weekend. No, not due to its ever-present wind; Chicago was rocking with our Assamese heritage, culture, tradition, music, dance, and with the beat of dhol, khol, taal and heart-wrenching sound of pepa.
Oh Yes, we brought Assam to Chicago...

Convention2011 02

It was an honor and joy of the Assamese Community of Chicago
to host the Assam Convention 2011 in their beautiful city Chicago on July 2nd and 3rd, 2011. More than 400 people came from different parts of the country - even a few from London - England and India. From all parts of America and Canada - from Houston to Seattle, San Diego to New York, Altanta to Calgary, Los Angeles to Boston, Cincinnati to San Jose, Austin to Washinton DC, North Carolina to Indiana, Minneapolis to Toronto - and many places around and in-between, Assamese people and their friends and relatives came to Chicago to gather under one roof - to Celebrate Assam.

Convention2011 03

The convention site was - majestic and beautiful hotel Oakbrook Marriott Resort. For three wonderful days, this hotel was transformed into a mini Assam - with ladies walking through the halls wearing eye-catching mekhela-sadors, gents with kurta- pajamas, even some small children with muga dresses.


A Convention to Remember for the Assamese Minnesotans

- Sabina Zeenat & Collage by Geeti Das

The 32nd Assam Convention was a much anticipated event for the Assamese residents of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Windy City, being only 400 miles from the city of lakes, it was almost certain that we would all attend the convention. And in fact, almost the entire Assamese community saw themselves transplanted to Chicago for those three days partaking a slice of our rich culture. The weekends prior to the Convention were buzzing with practice sessions and everybody took these sessions very passionately and enthusiastically. Even the little kids looked forward to these sessions and loved to practice their songs and dances for they knew that they were performing in front of a large audience. Armored with all the practices and preparations we headed for Chicago for indulging in a good time with friends, family and acquaintances. The venue for the Convention was a beautiful hotel nestled in the lush greens of a golf course and its peaceful surroundings.

convention 2011 minnesota kids

A dozen performances from the Minnesotans in the cultural program started with our kids performing their pieces in the children’s category. The 3, 4 and 5 year olds (Aarhi, Reisha, Devarsh, Ruhi, Nimisha, Annie, Sabreen and Geet) performed “Kon Moinar Monimala”, a collection of Assamese songs from yesteryears (“soku meli nasaba…”, “bonoria ami bonor sorai…” and “ek dui tini sari…”).


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