Correspondence From Convention Attendees

 A Note by Probha Saikia on the Assam Convention 2010

On July 4th, a few families of Texas attended the Assam
Convention. It was a pleasure to see so many Assamese families together at the Marriott Hotel in Franklin, Tennessee. Everyone was excited to see so many familiar faces and getting to know the new faces who came from all over the US to celebrate this Convention together. The organizing Committee put a lot of effort like other years to put this convention together. The hotel facilities were just excellent and very comfortable with all the amenities that is needed for a large get together. The stage was very attractively set up for the audience.

Decorations throughout the hall were very elegant and gave the feeling of Assam. The emcees made it pleasant for everyone to enjoy the multi-faceted talents on the stage. The three guest artists - Angarag Mahanta, Sunita Bhuyan and Abhishruti Bezbaruah made an unforgettable impression on everyone with their individual talents. Besides, lot of local talents put up marvelous performances on the stage.
Our Texas community also participated in the Fashion show with great enthusiasm. Mr. Hiren Sarma of Houston amazed everyone in the audience with his one act performance on the stage. At the children's program, Navin Baruah, son of Rangam and Irina Baruah of Austin, Texas played a melodious tune on the piano. Also Navin's sisters Sarina and Sophia performed a dance to a popular Bollywood song. To top it all, Arijit Bhuyan's superb performance on the piano stunned the audience. We wish them all continued success in the years to come. The food committee worked extremely hard to put up variety snacks at regular intervals. Dinner and lunch was also properly planned. We look forward to next year's convention with the same spirit that we carried this year.

Papan Mahanta delighted the crowd rendering a number of new and old songs with his soft, melodious voice. He has such a pleasant personality on and off the stage which impressed the listener instantly. For the second year in a row, Abhishruti Bezbaruah mesmerized the crowd with Host Committee of 2010 Assam Convention, varieties of songs, both classical based and “filmi” style. The surprise package of the evening was Suneeta Khaund Bhuyan who delighted us with her exotic violin tunes, and songs in between. These three young artistes from Assam have very bright futures ahead of them.


To the Host Committee of 2010 Assam Convention,

We would like to congratulate you for giving us, the community the best convention ever. From the delicious meals including all those home-made snacks to the kid’s program, the widely participated fashion show, etc. and the Cultural program. You managed to bring the 3 top notch artists from back home to entertain us and their melodious voice and the music still ringing in our ears. Your time management was highly appreciated in every event. By having the convention in Nashville, how can you not incorporate the Country Music scene to our gathering. Thank you Jay for bringing the Country Music Band and that added an extra bonus. Our grand kids are already asking “are we going to next year’s convention?” That shows how much fun they had. Your theme for this year’s convention was “Bridging the Gap among Generations” and you succeeded beyond expectations. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your hospitality and genuine warmth that you showed to all of us and for all of your tireless effort and hard work.

- Ranu and Satyajit Dutta
Austin, Texas



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