Report From Youth Forum

- Gaurab Sarma
The members of the youth group take pleasure and pride to report that some of its members contributed heavily to the success of the 31st Assam Convention held in Nashville, Tennessee during the last 4th July weekend. The dazzling performances of Neeshan Hussain (with her father) of Minnesota (fusion dance), Raina and Elina Sarmah of Atlanta (fusion Indian classical dance), Meghna and Devika Kataky of Minneapolis (Bharat Natyam dance), and America youth Wes Newell of Louisville (Bollywood dance) were some of the best items performed in the cultural agenda.

Smita Das of Tallahassee and Aabir Das of New York participated in issues discussed in various organizational meetings contributing to the community social activities. Samantha Deka of Cincinnati conducted the thrilling ‘dancing with DJ’ that kept old and young dancing through the night.

Jhula Barua of Indianapolis colored the cultural program as one of the masters of ceremony. Members of the youth group hailing from Canada and the US added lively contributions throughout the cultural activities, especially in dancing and fashion show programs. In addition, youth group assisted the convention management team in almost every area of activities at the time of need, especially during the early period when we tried to promote the convention through FACEBOOK publicity. Many of the early participants could not attend the convention as their families had other conflicting plan and program. I like to thank Aabir Das (New York), Wes Newell (Kentucky), Rojita & Neal Datta (Indiana), Smita Das (Tallahassee), Dhrupad Bezboruah (Washington DC), Jhula Barua (Indianapolis), and many others for providing valuable ideas for the youth program. However, we could not execute our program as much as we planned as the finance & budget committee did not allot funding for the youth activities. With our personal collection of fund, we organized a volleyball competition and other merry-making events for the youth in the hotel complex.
It was a great pleasure to participate in the 31st Assam Convention activities.
Thank you!

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